Manufacturers Of PVC Film Plant And Products.

MEGA PLAST ENGINEER’S is highly professional extrusion machinery factory. Since establishment the company has continuously promoted the development of high-performance, high productivity and high- quality extrusion machines including Soft PVC Tubing Plant, Soft PVC Sheet Plant, Rigid PVC Tubing Plant, PVC Lamination Plant, Shrink Plant, and PP sheet Plant. Our machinery gave been widely applied to PVC Mattress Packaging Industries, Clothing packaging industries, Car matt industries, PP sheet industries, PVC bag industries, PVC insulation Tape industries


  • PVC Soft Films/Tube/Sheet Plant
  • PVC Rigid Films/Tube/Sheet Plant
  • PVC Lamination Film/Sheet Plant
  • PVC shrink Tube Plant
  • SPVC With T Die Extrusion Plant
  • High Speed Mixer

Wide Range of PVC Extrusion Machines

  • Soft PVC Extruder Tubing Plant
  • PVC Fills Extruder Plant
  • PP T-Die Extruder Sheet Plant
  • PVC Adhesive Tape Extruder Plant
  • Soft PVC T-Die Extruder Sheet Plant
  • Engineering Profile Extruder
  • Rigid PVC Extruder Tubing Plant
  • Shrink Extruder Plant
  • Lamination PVC Extruder Tubing plant

Uses Of Soft PVC Film & Sheet

  • PVC Stationary Film
  • PVC Stationary Sheet
  • PVC Car Mat
  • PVC Table Film
  • PVC Toy Film Sheet
  • PVC Rain Coat Film
  • PVC Color Film
  • PVC Transparent Sheet
  • PVC Transparent Film
  • PVC Film For Decoration
  • PVC Super Clear Film
  • PVC Matt Finish Film
  • PVC Binding
  • PVC Adhesive Tape film
  • PVC Blister Film
  • PVC forming film
  • PVC fills for cooling tower
  • PVC film for collar strip
  • PVC Tie Tape For Horticulture Film

High Speed Mixer

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